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Q:  What is Landport?

A: It is an easy to use, Internet Driven® solution (Patent Pending) for managing commercial offices, residential properties, school campuses, government buildings, etc.  It enables tenants or office personnel to submit maintenance requests via a website customized for their particular office building.   Property or facility managers are notified according to their personal preference (email, pager, fax, etc.) and then securely log-in to review the details.   They then compose work orders and solicit proposals from one or more preferred service vendors, who are also notified according to personal preference upon solicitation.  Vendors then respond with online bids and/or service schedules, and once the work is completed and approved, submit electronic invoices.  The entire process is managed from start to finish via the Landport system, providing everyone the most up-to-date status at a glance.  Please take our Virtual Tour for more info. 

Q:  Do I need to download any software &  upgrade it in the future?  What if I switch to a different computer?

A: Just a standard computer with a basic Internet connection is all the equipment necessary for managers, tenants and service vendors to access the system.  There is no need to download any software or worry about future upgrades since the system is served from Landport's servers.  Any tenant, manager or vendor can access their personal account from any Internet-enabled computer at any time.  Our system is ideal for geographically disperse office facilities that require the facilities manager to travel frequently between sites.  Our system helps keep everyone up-to-date from any place that has an Internet-accessible computer.   

Q:  Is my data secure and safe?

A:   All information is secure and safe on Landport's servers.  Every user of the system has a confidential account and all actions on work orders are tracked and logged to insure integrity of critical information.   Requests for proposals, bids, invoices and electronic building logs are protected from unauthorized access.  Data integrity is also maintain through iron-clad, daily back-up of all data in the system.  Users never have to worry about loosing valuable data maintained by Landport if their own computers fail.  

Q:  If I'm a property or facility manager, how do I get my the site plan or building layout information into the Landport system?

A:   All site plan and building information can be quickly and easily entered into the Landport system through our online user administration interfaces.  Once the data for the a office building's layout or site plan is entered, it is secure and safe on Landport's servers.  Also it can be quickly updated at any time. 

Q:  If I'm a property or facility manager, how do I get my service vendors and suppliers to register and use the Landport system?  What about my tenants or office personnel? 

A:   All that's needed is for the property or facility manager to supply us with a list of their frequently used vendors and suppliers.   We'll contact, register and train them on how to operate the Landport System.  We'll do the same for tenants and office personnel.  



General FAQs  (top)

Q:  What is the status of Landport Systems, Inc. and when was is founded? 

A:  Landport System, Inc. is privately held California corporation founded in 1999 and headquartered in San Jose, CA.  

Q:  Why was Landport started and who were its founders? 

A: Landport System, Inc. started with the goal of eliminating the headaches, bottlenecks and misunderstandings that occur during tenant/manager and manager/vendor transactions for property & facility maintenance.  These problems cost everyone time and money. Landport believes that the best way to minimize problems during the property & facilities management and maintenance is to use an Internet Driven system to reduces the amount of time spent, and hence the frustration of playing phone tag by managers, vendors and tenants when reporting and solving problems. Landport's also wants to enable property managers to provide more timely, higher quality service and thus improve tenant retention and gross revenue. Furthermore, the Landport database becomes an important tool for property managers to evaluate properties, tenants and service providers. Tenants and service vendors also benefit from the improved efficiency and faster resolution time.

Landport's executive team members have significant software, real estate management, Internet and workflow analysis engineering, and start-up experience in Silicon Valley.  Together they have over 40 years of combined expertise in high technology, real estate and business development, and particularly in workflow management using the Internet. 

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